Freetress Equal Synthetic Fullcap Drawstring - Nu Girl



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Equal The Luxury Integration

-Complete Style in 1 Minute!
-Elastic Banded for Comfortable Fit
-Double-Combed for Secure Hold

Instructions Curling Iron:
-Do not use hot curler at regular setting.
-Curl the hair fibers within safe heat setting of up to 400⁰F
Wig Care:
-To freshen up the wig, mist with water and shake out the curls.
-If needed, style with light oil sheen or wig conditioner. Refrain from the use of heavy oils or pomades.
-When not in use, store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to maintain its shape.

Freetress Equal Fullcap Drawstring Wig Nu Girl

Complete style in 1 minute! Freetress equal synthetic fullcap drawstring features quick and easy wear instruction and beautiful curls with perfect wig length for a truly amazing hair style. Choose from 10 different hair color choices for your very own new wig style.

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