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Freetress Equal Synthetic Fullcap Drawstring Half Wig - Power Girl

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Equal The Luxury Integration

-Complete Style in 1 Minute!
-Elastic Banded for Comfortable Fit
-Double-Combed for Secure Hold

Instructions Curling Iron:
-Do not use hot curler at regular setting.
-Curl the hair fibers within safe heat setting of up to 400⁰F
Wig Care:
-To freshen up the wig, mist with water and shake out the curls.
-If needed, style with light oil sheen or wig conditioner. Refrain from the use of heavy oils or pomades.
-When not in use, store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to maintain its shape.
This Wig by Freetress Equal Is a Long, Loose Curl Wig Called the Power Girl Synthetic Fullcap Drawstring Wig. This Wig Can Be Worn Up In A Ponytail or Worn Out. The Power Girl Synthetic Wig Comes In A Variety Of Colors Such as OM27/30/613. OM27/30/613 Is an Ombre Mixture of The Top Color Being Light Auburn, Strawberry Blonde for the Body and Bleach Blonde on the Bottom. The Power Girl Synthetic Fullcap Drawstring Wig Can Be Worn Everyday.

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