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Hollywood SiS Synthetic Comfy Lace Wig - Daria

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One Size Fits All
Stretchable - Maximize fit and hold with 3D expandable Liners and retractable cord.
Size Alternative - Lightweight, customized comfort with full cap advantages.
Non-Shifting - Secure and prevent shifting with 4 hair combs and flexible cap perimeters.
Ventilate - Enlarged cap construction for fresh air circulation and alleviate body heat build-up.

Care Instructions
1. Brush hair in sections (bottom, middle,top) in a singular direction from top to bottom with a wide tooth comb. Do not over brush; cut off excess tangles as desired.
2. Fill basin with lukewarm water and swirl in 1-2 drops of wig shampoo.
3. Soak the Comfy Cap for about 5 mins and gently shake in the water.
4. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. (Repeat steps 2-4 for wig conditioner).
5. Shake off excessive water.
6. Do not blow dry or use heat while wet; may cause damaged fiber.
7. Hang until completely dry and style with hair spray and spritz as desired.
8. Style as desired, use curling iron up to 400°F

Lace Front Wig Accessories

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