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Isis Collection Red Carpet Synthetic Half Wig – TP-16

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    1 - Jet Black
    1B - Off Black
    2 - Dark Brown
    4 - Med Brown

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    1. Absolutely love it!

      By Lady Hypno January 02, 2018

      I love this wig! I’m on my third one in this style. The waves look natural and the length work so for me. Not too long, not too short. I love the way the hair is layered and it frames my face very well. I also like how overtime, it starts to look more full. I believe that has to do with the air hitting the fibers.

      It is quite shiny when it’s brand new. All you have to do is put a little powder on it so it will look more natural.

      I once made the mistake of putting a flat iron on it. DO NOT do this even at the lowest setting.

      I wish the manufucturer would keep making this style.

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